Stack-On Safe Reviews – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a sturdy, secure safe manufactured by a reliable brand? One of the top brands in the home safe industry is Stack-On. Stack-On has been manufacturing a wide range of safes for many years now. They are widely considered one of the top brands in the industry, and their safes are considered state-of-the-art.

We have compiled a chart comparing Stack-On safes in a variety of categories. We took a look at product features as well as customer reviews so we could provide you with this handy starting reference.

As you can see, Stack-On safes fulfill a wide range of purposes; not every safe is right for every buyer. How do you choose a safe which will fit your needs? We will get into that in just a little bit. First, though, let’s talk a little bit more about Stack-On.

What Makes Stack-On Safes So Great?

Stack-On safes are manufactured out of the highest-quality materials and conform to top industry standards. They have been subjected to rigorous tests to ensure that they hold up to stress. Both the locks and the construction ensure that your possessions are safe from prying hands.

Stack-On products are protected by strong warranties. The type of warranty depends on the product you purchase. Security Plus Steel Safes are protected by a limited three-year warranty. Fire resistant safes and waterproof safes come backed by a limited five-year warranty and a limited lifetime guarantee. That is outstanding, as you are not going to find a lot of other brands that offer any sort of lifetime protection on your purchase.

Types of Stack-On Safes

What types of safes does Stack-On manufacture?

Portable Drawer Safes

These small safes are ideal for cash, handguns, and small valuables. They are easy to conceal inside a drawer, and take with you on the go if you need to.

Biometric Safes

These safes come in a wide range of sizes and fulfill a range of functions. What they all have in common is biometric fingerprint recognition technology.

Gun Safes

Stack-On makes safes designed for rifles and pistols. Gun cabinets offer space, functionality, security, and fast access when you need it.

Fire-Resistant Safes

These safes are designed not only to keep out prying hands, but also to protect documents, guns, data, and valuables from heat and fire damage.

Waterproof Safes

These safes offer protection against flood conditions. Some Stack-On safes are even fireproof and waterproof.

Additionally, Stack-On manufactures a number of accessories for their safes. You can for example buy a small jewelry drawer to store inside a larger Stack-On safe. Stack-On also offers large fabric organizers which you can use inside their gun safes. The pockets are perfect for storing small objects and function much like added shelving.

How Can I Choose the Right Stack-On Safe For Me?

Before you can pick the right Stack-On safe, you need to figure out what your principle aim is in buying a safe in the first place. For many home consumers, that aim is to protect valuables from fire. Depending on where you live and what you need to protect, however, strong security features to lock out burglars may be your top priority. If you have guns to store, you need a locking system that will keep out criminals and also any children in your home.

Think also about space and configuration issues. How much room do you need in your safe? Where in your house will you put it? What are the minimum and maximum dimensions you need, and how do you want the space inside structured? Does the safe need to be lightweight and portable? Once you have a list of your needs, you will be able to browse through our product comparison chart and narrow your search down to the safes which will be a solid fit.

What is the Price Range for Stack-On Safes?

Many smaller Stack-On safes are available for $40-$200 or so. This is all that many residential buyers need, so you may be able to buy a top-notch safe even on a budget if you shop with Stack-On. For some of the larger gun safes, you are looking at prices above $400. Still, this is far less expensive than many gun safes which can easily cost more than $1,000.

Whatever type of safe you are shopping for, it is likely that you will find exactly what you are looking for in Stack-On’s catalogue of safes. Make a list of important features that you are looking for, prioritize them according to your needs, and then take a closer look at the safes on our product comparison chart. Check out customer reviews and cross-compare features, and you will find the perfect safe for your needs!

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