Stack-On PDS-500 Safe Review

stack-on-pds-500If you are looking for a drawer safe by a popular brand, the Stack-On PDS-500 is a great choice. This is a very highly rated safe. It’s an bestseller, praised by customers for its sturdy design and its excellent performance. Most customers use the Stack-On PDS-500 as a gun safe; you can fit several handguns easily along with ammunition and other valuables.

Stack-On PDS-500 Features

  • The Stack-On PDS-500 gun safe features excellent construction. Two live-action steel locking bolts operate in conjunction with concealed hinges to keep your possessions secure.
  • You can easily mount the Stack-On PDS-500 to the bottom of a drawer using the pre-drilled mounting holes. The same mounting system works for a wall, so you have options for where you want to put the safe.
  • The keypad requires an eight-digit code and offers you great security as well as convenience and fast access when you need it. A key override is included in case you are having difficulties with the electronic lock. A button on the side allows you to put in a new code.
  • There is a one-minute lockout feature if you get the combination wrong. Watch out for this if you are in a rush; slow down if you have to so you do not end up locked out of the safe. It is a great deterrent though to home invaders. Nobody wants to wait a minute just to have another try to get into your safe.

What Customers Are Saying About the Stack-On PDS-500?

Customers love the sturdy build and strong materials, as well as the secure electronic lock on the Stack-On PDS-500. The safe is relatively heavy and the steel is thick. Mounting it in a drawer or on a wall is easy. The combination keypad is easy to use, and you can open the box quickly in an emergency, so it is ideal for storing a handgun.

One possible vulnerability is the key hole, which can sometimes be picked using a paperclip. This is not true of all the safes; it is a defect which can only be found in some products. One customer who complained about this called Stack-On about it, and immediately was issued a replacement lock which was completely secure. This is an indication of sterling professional service from the company. This is definitely something to check if you order this safe; thankfully it should be relatively easy to fix if the matter does come up.

All in all, the Stack-On PDS-500 is a sturdy and reliable choice for a gun safe or for storing cash and small valuables. Place it inside a drawer, mount it on your wall, or store it inside a larger gun safe or fire safe. It is heavy to deter thieves, offers great security through the electronic locking mechanism, and is easy to open quickly in an emergency.

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