SentrySafe X055 Safe Review

sentrysafe-x055If you are looking for a high-quality wall safe with excellent customer reviews, one option to consider is the SentrySafe X055. This safe is ranked as the #1 Best Seller in Wall Safes on It is available in a range of different sizes. Let’s take a closer look at the SentrySafe X055, beginning with features, and then find out what customers have to say in their reviews.

SentrySafe X055 Features

  • The X055 features an electronic lock you can program with any two- to eight-digit code. The lock requires four AA batteries. Two live-locking bolts keep your contents secure. If you need to override the electronic lock (because you forgot the security code or your batteries ran out), there are two override keys available. You should never end up locked out of your own safe.
  • Solid steel construction makes your safe heavy (for its size) and strong, and protects it against impact damage. This is important should someone try to break into your safe by throwing it.
  • Mounting hardware is included so you can quickly and easily self-install the safe in your wall. Using this is pretty much a must with this safe. Because it is small, it would be easy to steal if you do not bolt it down.

What Customers Are Saying About the SentrySafe X055

What do buyers like about the safe? Customers praise the sturdy construction, the high-quality seal, the convenience of the simple electronic lock, and the inclusion of the handy emergency override keys (important if the battery goes dead). The fact it can be easily bolted to the wall is a huge plus too, since it is small and could easily be carried off, even with the weight.

Any negatives? The knob is small and slippery according to a number of customers, which may hold you up if you need to get into the safe fast. Aside from that, there are a few customers who say the lock can be picked, but this is par the course for someone determined and a safe in this price range. This price range will give you a much sturdier safe than one costing $20, but when you pay $50-$100, you also cannot expect the Rolls Royce of safes.

The SentrySafe X055 is a nice little wall safe if you want to store documents, cash, a handgun, or jewelry. Just know when you do so that a determined thief can still make off with the safe, and a determined child might still get inside. If you store it somewhere inconspicuous in your wall though, you should find it convenient, easy to use, and good for basic security purposes. It acts as a deterrent, and offers a sturdy line of defense for your belongings.

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