Paragon 7775 Safe Review

paragon-7775One to have a look at is the Paragon 7775. Note that this is not a fireproof or waterproof safe; its main function is to protect against unauthorized access. Let’s look more closely at what the Paragon 7775 has to offer, and then find out what customers are saying.

Paragon 7775 Features

  • The Paragon 7775 includes tamper-proof hinges inside and is constructed out of solid steel. This protects the safe from burglars who attempt to penetrate it by hand or through the use of mechanical tools. The 11-gauge steel is very thick and provides impact protection. The outer frame is not as thick as the door is, but the welding job makes it very hard to break the safe open.
  • In order to get into the safe, you need to input a three- to eight-digit code. You can change the code as often as you want. The electronic lock is powered with AA batteries. If the batteries run out or you forget the code, you can get in using either of the backup keys included.
  • This safe includes pre-drilled holes which allow you to anchor it to the floor. The bolts are included as well.

What Are Customers Saying About the Paragon 7775?

As this safe provides neither water nor fire protection, its primary purpose is to keep away prying hands and eyes. Most customers purchased it to keep out burglars or children. While the safe wouldn’t keep out a determined burglar (this is to be expected at this price point), it will keep out most children and teenagers and casual burglars who are not expecting to encounter a safe. Customers say it is easy to program and provides plenty of space, but doesn’t take up too much of it. The key is handy in case you forget the combo or the batteries die, and the construction is solid. Even without mounting it into the floor, it is pretty secure, because it would be hard for a burglar to carry it off. You can enter up to two access codes, if for some reason you want them.

Any complaints? Some of the customers say that after a while the keypad starts to wear down. It seems like this would be a larger problem if you planned to use the safe a lot (for example, to keep your liquor away from your kids) than it would be if you only planned to access it now and again.

All in all, this is not the most comprehensive safe on the market, but the price is low, and if it provides what you are looking for, it is a great deal. As one customer stated, Fort Knox it is not, but it is still well worth the money.

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