10 Things to Keep in a Safe

Trying to figure out what you should keep in your home safe and what would be better off at the bank deposit box? Here is a quick list for your home safe to get you started! 1. Information you Need for Insurance Purposes If your home is destroyed or damaged in a fire, flood, or … Read more

The Best Biometric Safes of 2022

If you want to make it so that only you and other authorized users can open a safe, one option is to go with a safe which includes a biometric lock. This type of lock opens only for an authorized fingerprint. Biometric lock also have the added convenience of being fast and easy-to-use. This can … Read more

The Best Home Safes of 2022

Are your valuables protected? If not, why not? The typical home safe may run you anywhere from $20-$200, but the valuables you have to protect are worth far more. You may think of a home safe as an optional luxury and not as a necessity, but when the rubber hits the road, it can be … Read more