Honeywell Safe Reviews – 2018 Buyer’s Guide

If you are shopping around for a home safe, you will find a lot of bestselling models in Honeywell’s product line. Honeywell is one of the best-known manufacturers of home safes, and they have numerous highly rated small safes, fire safes, waterproof chests, and more.

Below, you can view a chart of Honeywell safes in a variety of categories. These are safes which we have researched in-depth and selected based on superior features and customer reviews.

As you can see, Honeywell’s range is quite broad. How do you figure out which of their safes is best for you? First, let’s talk about the Honeywell brand and what makes their safes superior compared to others manufactured by different brands. Then we’ll go in-depth into how you can choose the best Honeywell safe for your needs.

What Makes Honeywell Safes So Great?

Honeywell safes are considered by many buyers and experts in the industry to represent the highest standard of excellence. Honeywell manufactures safes out of the strongest materials available using durable manufacturing techniques. Their safes have been tested and can hold up to extreme duress. With a broad product range, there is something for everyone in every price range. In fact, most Honeywell safes are quite inexpensive, and make for a great budget option.

Honeywell safes are also backed by strong warranties. Safes may include a 1, 3, or 7-year warranty direct from the manufacturer. Customers who have needed to work with Honeywell have given great reports of the company’s customer service.

Types of Honeywell Safes

Honeywell manufactures many different types of safes which are suitable for different needs:

Small safes and drawer safes

These safes are compact enough you can fit them inside a drawer or cabinet. They are easy to conceal from prying hands and eyes.

Fireproof safes

Many of Honeywell’s safes are designed to protect your valuables from fire. Most home safe buyers are shopping for a fire safe, so this is a great feature to have.

Waterproof safes

Honeywell also manufactures safes which offer water resistance. In fact, some of their most popular models combine fireproofing and waterproofing.

Gun safes

These safes are designed specifically to accommodate rifles and handguns. They are designed with extra security measures to keep their contents away from criminals and children. They also offer great all-around functionality for all of your valuables.

How Can I Choose the Right Honeywell Safe For Me?

Purchasing the right Honeywell safe means taking a detailed assessment of your needs before you ever start shopping. You need to figure out what your main reason is for buying a safe, as well as your secondary needs. Are you buying the safe mainly to protect your possessions from fire? Or are you more concerned about theft? How important is water resistance? How small or portable does the safe need to be? How much space and what configuration do you need inside? Where are you going to install the safe in your home?

Also think about security features. What kind of locking mechanism are you shopping for, and are there any extra features you want? What is important to you in terms of durability (this may vary depending on how and where you will install your safe)? Always look for a safe which has been UL-tested and -approved.

These questions will help you to create a list of features that you are shopping for in a Honeywell safe. You can then read through our Honeywell safe reviews and check out our product comparison chart in detail to narrow down your search.

What is the Price Range for Honeywell Safes?

What can you expect to pay for a Honeywell safe? Generally speaking, Honeywell tends to manufacture smaller safes designed for residential use. For that reason, the majority of them are not too expensive, ranging between $50-$300. A few of their larger safes (like their fire resistant gun safes) are going to cost more than that, but you should still be able to purchase them for under $1,000. As many gun safes cost hundreds or thousands of dollars more than this, these are still budget options.

No matter what type of safe you are in the market for, there is a good chance that Honeywell has what you are looking for, and at a price that you can afford. Write down the features that are important to you, and then look through our product comparison chart. We hope we have helped you to find what you need!

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