First Alert 2096DF Safe Review

first-alert-2096dfLooking for a waterproof safe which will also provide you with fire protection? One great option is the First Alert 2096DF. It is available in several different sizes, with or without a carrying handle. Is this the right safe for you? To find out, let’s take a look at the design features, and then check out the customer reviews.

First Alert 2096DF Features

  • This is a UL-rated safe which has been tested to successfully withstand external temperatures of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour. The internal temperature will not rise above 350 degrees. This makes it ideal for protecting paper documents. While the product description says it will also protect digital data, it is wise to look for a safe with a superior UL rating for that purpose.
  • The First Alert 2096DF is also water resistant. The seal can protect your valuables even when the safe is completely submerged. This is excellent in case of flooding, or if sprinklers in your home or office go off during a fire. Since many offices have these sprinklers, this makes it an ideal choice for business use.
  • This safe includes a programmable digital lock you can operate using a keypad. You may set any three- to eight-digit code. There is also an override key if your batteries should run out or you happen to forget your access code.
  • The safe features strong resin construction and four solid-steel locking door bolts. There are two adjustable shelves inside you can use or remove at will.

What Are Customers Saying About the First Alert 2096DF?

The vast majority of customers who purchased the First Alert 2096DF have rated it with 4 or 5 stars. Buyers like the fact that the programmable lock is very easy to use, and say that the safe is large and heavy enough to dissuade thieves. It has a lot of excellent features, and buyers appreciate the fact that it is both waterproof and fireproof.

The most common complaint about the safe concerns the instructions it comes with, and not the safe itself. The instructions included to set the personal pass code on page 5 are wrong. Thankfully, one of the customers managed to get the proper steps from customer support, and has posted them for all see. If you purchase this safe, you will want to refer to it in order to set your pass code. Once you do, you should find the safe easy to use and reprogram.

The First Alert 2096DF isn’t actually all that much more expensive than many safes that include far fewer features. As a waterproof and fireproof safe which also includes burglary protection features, the First Alert 2096DF does it all, and for a reasonable price.

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