The Best Floor Safes of 2022

If you are shopping for a safe to conceal and protect your valuables in a commercial or residential setting, a floor safe is an excellent choice. This type of safe sits underneath your floor. You can access it from the top. Floor safes are best if you only need to store a few items since … Read more

The Best Small Safes of 2022

Need to fit a safe inside a drawer or another tight space? Then you are in the market for a small safe. Definitions may vary, but small safes are usually defined as those which measure under 0.8 cubic feet. In the home, a small safe is perfect for storing documents, passports, spare cash and keys, … Read more

The Best Digital Safes of 2022

A digital safe is exactly what it sounds like: a safe which is secured with an electronic digital lock. You can contrast this with a safe which uses a mechanical dial lock or a biometic safe which accepts fingerprint scans. To open a digital safe, you simply punch a combination into a numerical keypad. Some … Read more

The Best Biometric Safes of 2022

If you want to make it so that only you and other authorized users can open a safe, one option is to go with a safe which includes a biometric lock. This type of lock opens only for an authorized fingerprint. Biometric lock also have the added convenience of being fast and easy-to-use. This can … Read more