Best Smart Door Lock Reviews of 2019

Gone are the days where a sturdy lock consisted only of a simple mechanical device and a key. Now the future is upon us, and we have digital smart locks. These locks not only allow you to do away with keys, they also put access control in your hands anywhere you have access to wi-fi … Read more

Best Keypad Door Lock Reviews of 2019

Tired of juggling keys? Looking for a simple but effective way to secure the door to your home or business? A keypad door lock allows you to gain access by punching in a custom code. You can even store access codes for other family members or friends, which means that you can open or limit … Read more

Best Digital Door Lock Reviews of 2019

Imagine no more lost keys or trips to the locksmith ever again. With a digital door lock, you can enter a custom code into a touchpad instead of turning a key or swiping a card to get into your home or business. This setup allows you to set up unique access codes for family, friends, … Read more

The Best Fireproof Safe Reviews of 2019

There are two main reasons why most people choose to shop for a safe for their valuables. One is to protect them from theft, and the other is to protect them from fire. Considering that there are over 350,000 fires every single year with property damage collectively exceeding $6 billion, purchasing a fireproof safe is … Read more

Best Gun Safes for the Money

Buying a gun safe can be a big investment, but a necessary one if you wish to protect your firearms from theft, access by unauthorized users and even damage. This means that you want more than an expensive safe, or even one with the most bells and whistle. As with any investment the key is … Read more

Best Fingerprint Door Lock Reviews of 2019

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to juggle keys at the door anymore? If you are looking for a more convenient and secure way to access your home or business, one option is a fingerprint door lock. As the name implies, this is a door lock which you can open by scanning your … Read more

Best Gun Safe Under $500

Owning a firearm is not only a right it is also a great responsibility. One of the greatest responsibilities you as a gun owner face is the need to keep your firearms out of the hands of thieves and other unauthorized users. This means buying a safe, but it does not mean spending all your … Read more

Best Gun Safe Under $1000

Buy a quality gun safe does not mean spending a fortune. While you can easily spend thousands on a safe it does not mean you have to. For those of us on a budget there are plenty of quality, top of the line safes available for far less. Let us show you four such safes, … Read more