The Best Security Safe Reviews – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to securing your possessions or important documents in the workplace, a safe is one of the most essential supplies you can buy. Not all security safes are the same though in terms of the features that they offer or the quality they provide. To complicate matters more, there are many different types of security safes. Some are best for keeping out prying hands, while others are designed to secure your possessions against fire or flooding.

In just a moment we will talk about the different types of security safes on the market and the features to shop for. Before we do, however, take a quick glance at the chart below. You can see the results of our in-depth research into top security safes. These are the products we recommend in all price ranges and categories.

Which of these safes is the right one for you? That all depends on your needs. Before you shop around for a security safe, it is important to take an assessment of your needs. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Will you be using this safe at home or at work?
  • Who will need to be able to access this safe’s contents, and how often? Do you need to be able to offer different levels of access to different people?
  • What will you be storing inside your safe? Documents? Valuables? Cash? Data? Multimedia? Guns?
  • What is your main goal in securing your possessions? Are you worried about thieves? Children? Damage from fire, flooding, or other disasters? Do you need a combination of all these types of protection?
  • How much space do you need inside your safe?
  • Where in your house will you be installing your safe? In the floor? On the floor? Inside a wall? What types of access doors do you need?
  • What about shelves and interior configuration?
  • What kind of locking mechanism would you prefer? A biometric lock which takes a fingerprint scan to verify your identity? A combination lock? A keypad lock? A combo lock?
  • Does your safe need to be lightweight and portable?

Not all safes are ideal for all purposes. Some have very specific purposes and will not be suitable for every situation.

Types of Security Safes

Burglary safe

This type of safe is built to keep out prying hands and eyes. The locking system is where the emphasis is. Of course, you need the safe to be built out of sturdy materials too so that it cannot be busted open. Within this category, you will find standalone safes, wall safes, and floor safes. Some burglary safes also offer fire and flood protection, but not all, so check carefully!

Gun safe

You absolutely need one of these if you plan to keep firearms in your home. These safes are built to keep out criminals and children. They are also some of the best all-purpose safes for storing documents, data, cash, and valuables. If in doubt, a high-quality gun safe can probably fulfill most of your needs.

Commercial safe

There are a number of different types of commercial security safes out there, drop safes being a prime example. These safes allow you to store important company documents and data, and may also allow employees to make deposits without using a combination.

Fire safe

This type of security safe is designed to offer protection from heat and flame. Most buyers shopping for a home safe are looking for a fire safe. Remember, not all fire safes double as burglary safes or flood safes. Do your research to make sure you are getting all the protection you need.

Flood safe

This type of safe provides protection against water in case of flood conditions. Some flood safes can be submerged; others cannot. Once again, not all flood safes provide other types of protection.

Data safe

Multimedia can be damaged at a lower temperature than paper can, so not all fire safes are suitable for storing data. Make sure that you buy a safe which is UL tested and rated for electronics before you purchase a safe to store your data inside.

Now you can see exactly why it pays off to sit down and think long and hard about what you need from a security safe before you research and compare products. We have done a lot of the hard work of researching for you to save you some time. After you answer the questions discussed above, you will have a better idea what type of security safe you need. You can then scroll back up to our product comparison chart and start narrowing down your options to the best security safes in the industry.

Reviews of the Best Security Safe

Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

stack-on-pds-500-150x150This small tactical gun safe is ideal for concealing your firearms while keeping them accessible for ready use. The cabinet fits inside your drawer, and has been approved by the California Department of Justice. The plate steel doors are designed to resist prying hands, and the sturdy steel construction can hold up well to an attack. Concealed hinges and steel live action bolts enhance the security of the design. You can get in through an electronic lock, or if necessary, use the key override. The safe can beep as you press the keys or not; that setting is entirely under your control. Mounting hardware is included for your convenience.

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Barska Biometric Safe

barska-ax11224-150x150This compact safe offers a simple, sophisticated design which is deal for storing documents, jewelry, cash, small pistols, and other valuables. You can conceal it easily inside a desk drawer or mount it in any other secure location. Tough steel construction and biometric locking technology keep out intruders while giving you fast access to your guns and valuables when you need it. The biometric lock can store up to 30 fingerprints, so you and anyone else in your family you allow access can all use the safe. Two back-up keys are included in case you get locked out. The safe includes factory-drilled anchor points so that you can quickly and easily mount the safe anywhere you need it.

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SentrySafe X055 Security Safe

sentrysafe-x055-150x150This small safe is an excellent choice for security, offering sturdy steel construction and bolt-down capability. Two live-locking steel bolts and a pry-resistant door and body with concealed hinges can stand up to all kinds of abuse. The interior comes with a carpeted floor so that jewelry and other delicate items will not be damaged inside. You can open the X055 using the electronic keypad or the override key which is included with your purchase. The safe also comes with mounting hardware so that you can secure it in a safe place.

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