The Best Drawer Safe Reviews of 2018

A drawer safe is any safe designed to fit in a drawer or another small space. You can put one in a desk, in a closet, or anywhere else you want. You can even mount one to a wall, or store one inside a larger fireproof safe. They are often designed to serve as small gun safes or cash lockboxes, but you will also see drawer safes for media as well. You might for example buy a large fireproof safe rated for paper, and a smaller fireproof safe rated for electronics to go inside.

Below, you can see a comparison chart for the top drawer safes you can purchase online right now. We did a lot of research to put this chart together. You can quickly compare prices and features, and click on each safe to see a detailed review.

In order to be sure you are purchasing the best drawer safe for your needs though, let’s go over some buying tips.

Quick Tips for Buying the Best Drawer Safe

  • Always purchase a UL-approved lock! This is probably the single most important thing you can remember when you are shopping for a drawer safe, especially if you are using it to store a handgun. You may be tempted by a cheap safe, but many of these include equally cheap locks. Even children have gotten past these locks before, and the last thing you want is your kids getting access to your guns. Invest in a high-quality UL-rated lock.
  • Figure out where you will put the gun safe. The challenge with locating a safe is always looking for the perfect balance between security and convenience. While you want your safe somewhere out of sight and out of reach of burglars and children, you also want to be able to access it quickly in an emergency, especially if you are using it for gun storage. You need to know where you will put the safe so that you can shop for one with the right dimensions.
  • Consider a spring-assisted door, and also think carefully about whether you want a safe that opens from the top or from the side. Spring-loaded access is great if you need to get into the safe urgently. Again, this is perfect if it will be serving as a gun safe. Seconds can count when there is an intruder in your house.
  • Get a safe which is made out of high-quality steel. Thick, heavy steel will help to protect your safe from burglars and keep children out of it. Since you cannot bolt this kind of safe down, you want it to be inconvenient to carry. You also want it to hold up to impact damage.

All of these tips will help you to purchase the best drawer safe. When you have picked out a space for your safe and figured out what you will be using it for, scroll back up to our comparison chart and take a look at the top-rated safes we have reviewed. You will find the perfect drawer safe for your needs!

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