The Best Depository and Drop Safe Reviews of 2018

A drop safe, also known as a deposit safe or depository safe, is generally used in business settings. Retail stores, restaurants, churches, and other businesses that handle a lot of cash, checks, and sensitive documents use these safes every day. Deposits made into the safes cannot be removed again until the door is unlocked by an authorized user. Drop safes can use a variety of different types of locking mechanisms.

How do you choose the right drop safe for your business? We have searched the web and looked in-depth at the features and reviews for dozens of deposit safes. Below in our comparison chart, you can view the best deposit safes according to our research.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about shopping for a drop safe. Not every deposit safe includes the same features, so it is important to know the different types of drop safes before you buy yours.

Types of Locks

Drop safes can use a wide range of different types of locking mechanisms. You might purchase a deposit safe that includes a single key lock or dual key locks. Others include a dial combination lock. Still others are biometric and require authorized users to identify themselves through fingerprint scans. Each of these types of locks has its pros and cons, so there are benefits and drawbacks for every type. You will also find some deposit boxes that include multiple lock systems.

Installation Methods

Almost all drop safes include pre-drilled anchor holes. You can use these to attach your safe to any secure object. Some safes are designed to be bolted directly into the floor.

Types of Drop Safes Include

Small Drop Boxes

As the name indicates, these safes are quite small. Usually the drop slot is on top or in the front. They are not the most secure, but they are lightweight, portable, and convenient, perfect for serving as small cash drawers.

Front-Loading Drop Safes

These drop safes include a front-loading drop door. They are ideal for cash, cash bags, or envelopes.

Top-Loading Drop Safes

These safes feature a top-loading door. These safes are helpful if you know you will need to drop larger packages into them from time to time. They are also usually more secure than front-loading or small drop safes.

Rear-Loading Drop Safes

Deposits are made through the rear-facing drop door with this design. These are perfect for installing in a wall between two rooms, where deposits are made from one room and retrieved from the other.

Drop Safes that Include an Interior Locker

This is a type of drop safe which has an interior locker. This is another way of creating different access levels within the same safe.

Quick Tips for Buying the Best Drop Safe

Before you purchase a drop safe, always ask yourself the following questions to evaluate your needs:

  • Before you purchase a drop safe, ask yourself how the safe will be used and who will be using it. Do you need the safe to offer different levels of access, or is one level of access sufficient?
  • What will you be depositing in the safe? Do you need a top-loading safe which can accommodate larger packages, or would a front-loading safe be sufficient?
  • Is portability important? Will you be moving the drop safe around?
  • Where do you plan on installing the safe? Do you plan to mount it directly to the floor, install it in a wall, or mount it to an object?
  • What type of locking mechanism do you need?

There are so many different variations on the drop safe, and there is something out there for every purpose. So evaluate your organization’s needs, and then take a look at our product comparison chart. This will help you to cross-compare the features and prices for the top-rated drop safes in a wide variety of configurations.

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