Where Should You Put Your Safe?

Where you put your safe is arguably as important as the type of safe you buy, both for purposes of security and convenience. Your first instinct might be to hide your safe and put it someplace out of the way. While that would certainly conceal it from intruders, it may have the disadvantage of discouraging … Read more

5 Things to Know Before Buying a Safe

Buying your first home safe? It’s tempting to think that any sturdy box with a lock on it will do the trick, but purchasing a safe is actually a pretty complex endeavor. There are numerous types of safes on the market, all ideal for different purposes, and many optional features you can shop around for. … Read more

The Best Small Safes of 2020

Need to fit a safe inside a drawer or another tight space? Then you are in the market for a small safe. Definitions may vary, but small safes are usually defined as those which measure under 0.8 cubic feet. In the home, a small safe is perfect for storing documents, passports, spare cash and keys, … Read more