How to Install a Home Safe

Home safes are a great way to protect your most prized possessions, whether their value is financial or sentimental. A home safe is not only helpful, it is responsible for the care of your material possessions. Once you spend the time to find the home safe that works best for your needs, you may find … Read more

10 Things to Keep in a Safe

Trying to figure out what you should keep in your home safe and what would be better off at the bank deposit box? Here is a quick list for your home safe to get you started! 1. Information you Need for Insurance Purposes If your home is destroyed or damaged in a fire, flood, or … Read more

The Best Biometric Safe Reviews of 2019

When securing your possessions from prying hands is one of your primary reasons for buying a safe, a biometric safe is a great choice. This type of safe uses biometric technology—fingerprint or hand scans, facial scans, iris scans, voice recognition, or so on. Fingerprint scanners are by far the most popular option. Before we get … Read more